How far is the moon?

How far is the moon?

Hi little philosophers,

today our philosophy lesson will be a little different than usual. In fact, I will ask you a question: how far is the moon? No, I don’t mean in terms of kilometers but in terms of imagination and dreams.

Have you ever imagined to travel in space and to reach the lunar soil taking a few steps? Actually we should say “jumps” and not steps because the lunar force of gravity is different than the earth one and you are so light that you can practically walk making small leaps.

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What would you do on the moon? Who or what could you see but, above all, why all these strange questions? Simple. I would like to know how important your dreams are and how far you can go to make them come true.

Which is your closest dream and which is the most distant one? Can all dreams be achieved or is there someone who, once they have fled to the moon, cannot be captured? How far are your dreams from you? How far is the moon?

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Maria Domenica Depalo


Buon Natale

Buon Natale

La redazione di fuoritempofuoriluogo vi augura un bellissimo Natale e lo fa attraverso le parole di Madre Teresa di Calcutta. Che sia un Natale di concordia e riflessione per tutti noi: auguri.

È Natale

È Natale ogni volta
che sorridi a un fratello
e gli tendi la mano.
È Natale ogni volta
che rimani in silenzio
per ascoltare l’altro.
È Natale ogni volta
che non accetti quei principi
che relegano gli oppressi
ai margini della società.
È Natale ogni volta
che speri con quelli che disperano
nella povertà fisica e spirituale.
È Natale ogni volta
che riconosci con umiltà
i tuoi limiti e la tua debolezza.
È Natale ogni volta
che permetti al Signore
di rinascere per donarlo agli altri.



Maria Domenica Depalo


Have you ever visited “Central Park”?

So we are here again, together, to reflect and use our mind in order to discuss friendly and freely about a new argument. Well, I think that this period of the year could give us the good inspiration for our thoughts and ideas.

Christmas is coming: next monday we will celebrate it. But what is it for everyone of us? Do we live it with the right attitude? Are we influenced by its deep and real meaning? Only you know the answers to these questions. Some of them could be positive, others no.

But let’s observe the title of this new article: “Have you ever visited Central Park?” Why have I written it? Actually, I was watching tv when my attention was captured by photos and images of this park in New York. Thousands of people everyday walk through its trees, relax or eat on the grass or simply sit on its benches.

I have never been there and, even if it could seem strange, sometimes I miss something I haven’t had the possibility to live yet: visiting New York and its people. I love travelling and visiting new places. I think it’s the right way to know and expand the mind getting a wider vision of the world. Unfortunally I haven’t done it for some time. Maybe in the future: you never know.

The end of december is the moment we make a list of what we have realized and of what we want. We observe what sorrounds us and we ask to ourselves if this corresponds to our expectations or not.

What about your wishes and expectations? In other words: dreams?

Maria Domenica Depalo