How far is the moon?

How far is the moon? Hi little philosophers, today our philosophy lesson will be a little different than usual. In fact, I will ask you a question: how far is the moon? No, I don’t mean in terms of kilometers but in terms of imagination and dreams. Have you ever imagined to travel in spaceContinua a leggere “How far is the moon?”

Parole su carta: Va dove ti porta il cuore (engl. version)

Va dove ti porta il cuore Probably one the most known novels written by the Italian writer Susanna Tamaro, “Va’ dove ti porta il cuore ” is definitely one of the most beloved books by myself. In fact, I have read and reread it so many times that I do not even remember how manyContinua a leggere “Parole su carta: Va dove ti porta il cuore (engl. version)”

Giornata mondiale della Terra

“Questo noi sappiamo: la terra non appartiene all’uomo, è l’uomo che appartiene alla terra. Tutte le cose sono collegate, come il sangue che unisce una famiglia. Non è stato l’uomo a tessere la tela della vita, egli ne è soltanto un filo. Qualunque cosa egli faccia alla tela, lo fa a se stesso”. Con queste parole pronunciate dal grande capo Sealth, oggi celebriamo la giornata mondiale della Terra.Continua a leggere “Giornata mondiale della Terra”

Parole su carta:…che Dio perdona a tutti

Parole su carta:…che Dio perdona a tutti Pif has been a beautiful and pleasant discovery. I knew about him and his “Caro Marziano” on RaiTre, the film “La mafia uccide solo d’estate” and his work with “Le Iene” on ItaliaUno. Discovering him as a writer was an extraordinary revelation. With a funny but never banalContinua a leggere “Parole su carta:…che Dio perdona a tutti”

Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle

Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle Welcome back little philosophers to our monthly space. Today we will start with two words that will guide our lesson: are you ready to start?The terms in question will be Philia and Neikos. The first word corresponds to Friendship while the second to Enmity. Empedocle used them in hisContinua a leggere “Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle”

Psychology and surroundings: the narcissist

Psychology and surroundings: the narcissist “Astonished fixes himself and without being able to detach his eyes it remains as unethy as a marble-carved statue of Paro. Lying on the ground, he contemplates those two stars that are his eyes, bacchus-worthy hair, worthy even of Apollo, and smooth cheeks, ivory neck, beauty of the mouth, theContinua a leggere “Psychology and surroundings: the narcissist”


Welcome children to the space dedicated to you and your questions, thoughts, ideas and philosophical reflections. From today, my little philosophers, we continue a path interrupted some time ago and we do it with a topic that concerns us all closely: friendship. As good thinkers, we are not satisfied by the obvious but, as detectiveContinua a leggere “Friendship”

Buone vacanze a tutti!

Buone vacanze a tutti! Fuoritempofuoriluogo va in vacanza. Ci vediamo a gennaio per nuovi e interessanti articoli. Buon Natale e buon anno! Nel frattempo, godetevi i nostri “vecchi” articoli. Fuoritempofuoriluogo is on holiday. Stay tuned! We will be back soon! In the meanwhile, read our old articles and Happy Christmas and happy new year. #fuoritempofuoriluogoContinua a leggere “Buone vacanze a tutti!”

Shoes for kids and their stories

Shoes for kids and their stories What do they hide? Who do they belong to? Write their possible story and send it to me. You can click on ‘email’ of my Instagram profile ‘fuoritempofuoriluogo’ . There’s no imminent deadline. At the moment. 😉 I will read your stories and publish the best in my blog.Continua a leggere “Shoes for kids and their stories”

How to learn a new language

How to learn a new language Nothing is impossible or Nihil difficile est: I believe that these two expressions could represent in the best way the European Day of Languages that is celebrated every year the 26th of September. Why do we decide to learn a new language or to improve another one we studied someContinua a leggere “How to learn a new language”