How to improve your self-esteem

Believing in yourself and in your abilities: when we talk about self-esteem, we should start from some basic concepts. Having good self-esteem allows you to look at life with confidence and optimism but above all with a greater confidence in your potential. Self-esteem can be built, trained and strengthened day after day even through small daily gestures which, in their implementation, can only contribute to building happiness. However, we must start from the awareness that disappointments, regrets and mistakes are part of the path of each of us and that therefore they will inevitably be seen as tools to build self-esteem. Whether this estimeem can be high or low will depend on circumstances and events but above all on the meaning we want to give them.

A high level of self-confidence provides individuals with the ability to handle difficult situations, to react positively and effectively to challenges, to engage constructively in meaningful relationships, and to constantly improve their strengths and decrease weaknesses (cit. taken from

Teenagers with a high level of self-esteem have the following characteristics: they are able to influence positively the opinion and behavior of others; face new situations positively; have a high level of tolerance towards frustration; they have good self-control and the belief that what happens is almost always the result of their actions, increasing their problem-solving skills. Often a low level of self-esteem can be seen as a temporary “state” linked to the influence of the specific problematic situation that is being experienced in a given period of time. (Heatherton and Wyland, 2003) (cit. Taken from

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But how can we develop our self-esteem and therefore our personal vision of our life and the future? Simply following a few tips:

  1. change attitude towards problems and difficulties, interpreting them not as failures but as a starting point with which to look at reality in a new way;
  2. therefore change the gaze towards oneself, cultivating passions and interests with which to enhance oneself;
  3. be more positive and aware of their potential and talents;
  4. be aware but also proud of their weaknesses and frailties; transform weaknesses and frailties into strengths.
  5. What is your relationship with your self-esteem? What do you think of you? How do you cultivate it in your daily life?




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