Kindness and delicacy

Kindness and delicacy

In a world where the beauty of the whisper is a rarity, the story of “Girl” appears as a silent melody. Intense and dramatic this film, written and directed by Lukas Dhont, awarded at the last Cannes Film Festival, is the delicate and refined narration of the story of a boy who tries to realize his dream of becoming a classical dancer.

But it isn’t only a path of an individual and physical transformation. Through the classical dance and its discipline, the main character, played by Victor Polster, wants to realize the movement that doesn’t correspond only to the harmony of the body but is the whole person. He wants to be Lara.

Graceful and light but also determined to pursue her goals, she never appears alone. The difficulties, cruelties and harshness of reality are compensated by the presence of a loving and understanding father but also by adults eager to better understand her inner world.

She struggles to improve her technique as a dancer but actually she fights for her ideal of perfection she sees in that harmonious body that she dreams to get as soon as possible. But Lara can only wait working on herself, on her talent and technique but at the same time accepting the difficult task of learning to face the gaze of others in which we see ourselves.

She is surrounded by people who, with discretion and delicacy, ask her to “restrain her impatience, explain everything […], recommend her not to waste time, to live this wrong life waiting for the real one”. (from “The dream of Lara the boy who only wants to dance” by Natalia Aspesi, in “la Repubblica” 24/09/2018)

I leave you the trailer wishing you good vision.

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Maria Domenica Depalo