Free or prisoners

Free or prisoner

I was reading some articles when my attention was captured by a suggestive title: “Are you free or are you prisoner of your life?”

This article talks about a project organized by Industria Filosofica whose president is Ada Fiore: it concerns women in prison, the prison of Borgo di San Nicola. Francesca, Maria Grazia, Maria, Melany, Paola, Adriana and Maria have made some mistakes but now they are ready to begin a new phase of their life.

The philosophical meetings, whose arguments were different but strictly connected to the person they are,  have been fundamental. In those moments these women talked about desires, fears about the future and expectations. In this way they had the possibilities to know in a better and deeper way the person they are and the other women.

Reading the works of the ancient greek philosophers Aristotele, Platone and of the medieval one Saint Augustine, the new path based on reflection about universal themes like love, friendship,  time and freedom has begun and produced important results and a new consciousness.

Talking about the freedom: are we really free and how much? How much does the other determine and limit us? How much do we fear the borders we often build on our own?

Here you can find the article and other informations:

Maria Domenica Depalo