Photos, images, pictures and their power to narrate

Photos, images, pictures and their power to narrate

Colours, lights, shadows, human figures; natural, urban or suburban landscapes: the imagines have a lot of different subjects.

But what do they tell us? What kind of emotions do they cause in the spectator? What do we think when the synesthestic  whirlwind of emotions embraces us? Everything we watch is connected to our senses and determine reflections.

“Photos are like papers. Only when I see them, I understand that they probably have a sense. Because the photos never tell what is represented, they are suggestions. […] I don’t ask my photos to tell something in a precise way; they only speak”, says Josef Koudelka (from the interview, see below).

Those sentences can be applied to paintings, to sculptures or everything our eyes watch. Because nothing is static. Everything is a continuous narration that deserves to be seen and told.

You should read the interview  Il mio sguardo libero  to the Czech photographer Josef Koudelka, realized by Michele Smargiassi, in Storie in la Repubblica of 29/10/2017. You have the possibility to visit his photos’ exhibition in Museo Civico Archeologico in Bologna until 19 november 2017.

Maria Domenica Depalo