You surround me completely

You surround me completely

Dear philosophers, today we talk about love and we do it through its myth in the “Symposium” written by Plato and the latest film directed by Guillermo del Toro, “the shape of water”.

Extraordinarily beautiful, romantic and visionary, this film is the delicate narration of a love that goes beyond limits, differences and obstacles. It is the story of two solitudes that are saved by their first meeting but actually it is a return of two souls in an ancient place, their unique heart.

The Greek myth states that at the beginning of time there were no men and women but perfect creatures bound together by their shoulders: men and women together, united forever in body and soul. Zeus, fearing their growing power, separated these beings that, since that day, continue to seek each other trying to come together to form their lost unity.

“Then, as I said, we were one person, but now, for our fault, the god has separated us into two persons […] That’s why we must always exhort men to respect the gods: not just to escape this ‘last evil, but also to get the joys of love that Eros, our guide and leader, promises us. No one resists him – because whoever resists love is unpopular to the gods. If we become friends with this god, if we will be in peace with him, then we will be able to meet and discover our half soul, which now happens to very few “. cit. di Plato, The Symposium (complete text in

The deep difference between Elsa and the creature reminds me this myth.

Set in the America of the cold but threatening conflict with Russia, the film tells the  intense story of a simple and lonely woman and a mysterious creature.

Destined to certain death, the “monster” awakens Elisa, bringing her to face unimaginable dangers and obstacles so distant from her anonymous life.

The gloomy scenario becomes alive with a representation full of details and colours, showing us the strenght of a love that goes beyond everything.

Dream and reality, magic and concreteness blend harmoniously giving life to a show that nourishes the soul of the observer. The two solitudes seem to reconstitute that ancient lost, so rare and precious unity.

I suggest the vision of this film, inviting you to reflect on the power of love that makes strong what is fragile, a unity what is divided.

“Unable to perceive your form, I find you all around me. Your presence fills me with the eyes of your love, my heart becomes small because you are everywhere”. (from the film)

Do you believe in love? Do you also believe that it can change destiny?

Maria Domenica Depalo