“Ti dono il mio cuore”: the book of the month

“Ti dono il mio cuore”: the book of the month

Dear friends of fuoritempofuoriluogo,

after a very long and cold January, while I was wandering hypnotized among the books and novels of the “Feltrinelli” of Bari, finally I got it: the book that I had been looking for a long time. When I saw it, I could not resist the temptation to look through its pages and discover the story that now I want to propose you.

Simple in its language but at the same time so full of meaning, it has captured my attention from the first pages, thanks also to the delicate but meaningful images created by the Belgian illustrator Sassafras de Bruyn.

I’m talking about “Ti do il mio cuore” written by Pimm van Hest.

ti dono il mio cuore

“Ti dono il mio cuore” photo realized by ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

“All you need is here in this little box”. The story, intended for children but also suitable for adults, begins with two key words: box and gift.

The book is about a child, Yuto. One day he meets a wise and old man who gives him a box with a mysterious content whose presence will accompany his personal growth from boy to man.

ti dono il mio cuore

“Ti dono il mio cuore” photo realized by ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

But what is the content of that object? It is a heart-shaped seed that Yuto will have to take care of and to observe constantly in its growth.

ti dono il mio cuore

“Ti dono il mio cuore” photo realized by ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

Watching the seed growing with its rhythms leads Yuto to become a conscious and serene man, ready to welcome the beauty of the things and to accept even their losses.

ti dono il mio cuore

“Ti dono il mio cuore” photo realized by ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

The conclusion brings the reader back to the origins of the story and to the theme of waiting as an essential element in order to understand and accept what is destined to ourselves.

Enjoy this incredible book.

Maria Domenica Depalo


Festival della scienza (English version)

Festival della scienza (English version)

Philosophy and science have always been deeply interconnected each other.  However, the first thinkers in the history of philosophy were involved in “scientific” issues, such as the search for ἀρχή, that is the origin of everything.

The “naturalists” philosophers of Mileto’s school, including Talete, Anassimandro and Anassimene, during their personal research, have gradually identified the origin and cause of life in water, apeiron and air respectively.

From the 7th century a. C. further on, the investigation has been enlarged with the introduction of the atomic concept by Democritus of Abdera and the use of numbers and the search of their meaning with Pythagoras.

It is therefore not a case if even “Sofia” deals with science in its pages talking about the “Festival della scienza” being held in Genoa from October 26, 2017 until November 5th.

The website states that there will be “meetings, workshops, shows and conferences to tell science in an innovative and engaging way, with interactive and transversal events. 11 days when the barriers between mathematical, natural and human sciences will be cut down and the research will be able to touch, see, understand without boundaries (http://www.festivalscienza.it/site/home.html)

While in their differences and peculiarities, mathematical, natural and human sciences are closely linked to each other and the stands, halls, visits and games in which adults and children will be involved will demonstrate this bond.

Among the most interesting workshops there is certainly the one dedicated to the observation of the stars at the Righi Astronomical Observatory. It will also be possible to talk about food at the Palazzo Ducale or about the commercial activities of ancient Mesopotamia.

By clicking on this link, you will find the full program of the Festival: http://www.festivalscienza.it/contents/instance2/static/FdS-Programma2017.pdf

Good philosophy and good science!

Maria Domenica Depalo