Have you ever been in Giovinazzo?

Have you ever been in Giovinazzo?

Dear friends of Sofia,

today we will talk about a place where sun, sea and traditions combine to give birth to a dimension in which dreams and reality become an unique world.

We speak about Giovinazzo: marvellous city in the province of Bari, surrounded by the sea, here you can find witnesses of the Roman presence but also signs of its medieval story.  The population of this city, strictly connected to its Patron, grows considerably during summer, achieving twenty-five thousand people more or less between tourists and holiday workers.

But let’s see some photos representing the port, the suggestive bridge and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II:

banchina del porto

la banchina del porto di Giovinazzo foto di ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

passerella di Giovinazzo

passerella di Giovinazzo foto di ©MariaDomenicaDepalo


Scorcio di Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II foto di © MariaDomenicaDepalo

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