New course of questions: the empathy

New course of questions: the empathy

Dear readers of Sofia,

after a period of observation and careful reflection, our section “Questions” is back. Today we will reflect about empathy, the ability to feel what the other feels.

The word “empathy” derives from the Greek “en + pathos”, in pain. Thanks to it, we have the possibility to enter in the personal world of who surrounds us and to see ourselves in fears, expectations and dreams that aren’t ours.

“Empathy is a way not only to know the others but also to develop a sense of responsibility towards them. Thanks to it, it is possible to understand the difficulties […] and to implement strategies of action for them. […] In this way, the ego, which is in each of us, acquires a bigger and totalizing dimension”. (see link)

But how close are we to the others? Are we able enough to perceive what lives in their hearts and thoughts? Are we empathetic enough and how much do we care about mankind?

If you want, answer the questions. I am sure that in this way it will be possible to have a rich and fruitful reflection about this theme.


Maria Domenica DePalo


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