Do you remember?

Do you remember?

“Everyone of us remembers, in a different and personal way, with no possibility of escaping from the memories and their consequences. Memories influence everyday life inexorably […] since the past that they represent isn’t only a present that was but it is a living and engaging presence, so much to determine and influence every man in every moment and instant of life”.

Why have I reported this long introduction taken from my thesis? Simply because I became aware of the existence of an Italian memory league and I was fascinated by it.

People of different nationalities able to develop and apply memorization techniques have taken part in the sixth edition of this championship held in Milan and just concluded. What have these Mental Athletes challenged on? Names, faces, words and numbers have been the object of this contest. In a quarter of an hour they were stored and then remembered. It seemed an impossible task: it seemed but it was not for them.

There are people born with a natural excellent memory. However there are techniques that can help EVERYONE to remember better and longer. Let’s discover some of them. Ready?

The first is the repetition. Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologist and philosopher of the late nineteenth century, an expert in memory, “managed to prove that more time is dedicated to repeat something and more repetitions are carried out, greater is the possibility that such things remain in memory”. Try it! Start with a list containing a few words to memorize in a few minutes: read them carefully several times and fix them in your mind, repeating them. Then cover this list and write the words you remember.

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