Do you remember?

Do you remember?

Since ancient times, humanity has been fascinated by the memory and the possibility of remembering but during the Renaissance it was possible to witness the development and definition of interesting memorization techniques that have been studied with increasing accuracy. One of these is the principle of association shown by the mnemonists. Among these we remember Pietro da Ravenna.

“The mnemonic artist recited a very long list of words before the audience, from the beginning to the end and vice versa or from any other point on the list until the beginning or the end”. But how did he do it? The artist associated things to remember with images in order to “build” a story that would allow memories to turn in surface. Try to invent an interesting and exciting story with a list of words, objects or numbers to remember. It is important to try to build a logical and coherent plot that allows you to have a sort of Arianna thread in order to escape from the numerous information stored by our brain.

Another particularly productive technique consists in constructing “concept maps”, diagrams you can realize to highlight the main concepts and focuse on the logical relationships between them.

Associating people, events, numbers with sensations, smells and sounds can be a further help in the process of memorizing and recalling memories. How many times in fact a fragrance takes us back to the past, maybe just to childhood or to another moment of our life.

However, being interested in what you do is definitely the best technique to memorize. A test? Observe the students who are busy doing their homework. They can also take a lot of hours to learn a boring concept for them but repeat the words of a song they like after a few moments and without problems.

We can all become champions of memory. You must only adopt the most congenial technique to your person.

For more information and curiosity:

Maria Domenica Depalo,“Il problema della memoria. Aspetti filosofici e scientifici”. (I ediz./ from this edition I have drawn the parts in bold)

Paolo Rossi, La Memoria, Articles,, p. 3 of 5

N. B. I am working on the second edition of “Il problema della memoria. Aspetti filosofici e scientifici”

Maria Domenica Depalo


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