Yes or No

Yes or No: two adverbs easy to write but not to pronounce. It could be a paradox but if we put the attention on the way we relate with the others, we could have a confirm of this contradiction.

Many can’t say “No”, says Paulo Coelho, while pronouncing “yes” seems easier. Often because of love, friendship or fear (but the reasons could be numerous else), when we are in front of questions, choices or existential crossroads, we answer with false enthusiasm and aggrement.

Are we really convinced of the answer? Does it correspond to what we want? Does the choice represent our ideas and thoughts? Are our aspirations and purposes fully embraced by that yes or no?

“Who never says “No” thinks to be generous, compassionate and educated: because “no” corresponds to be damned, selfish and little spiritual. […] There are times when, in saying “yes” to others, it may be that at the same time we are saying “no” to ourselves. ”

But when we say no, we smother our personality and don’t permit to ourselves and our potential to manifest.

Do you think that renouncing to yourself in this way is right?

Maria Domenica Depalo

P. S. The translated sentences are taken from “Manuale del guerriero della luce” of Paulo Coelho, ed. Bompiani



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