Stop violence against women!

Today we celebrate the International Day of the battle against the violence whose victims are women. Numerous events will be dedicated to this event and will happen during the day: squares crowded with people, torchlights and red shoes, now a symbol of this battle, will populate our streets in a struggle that has to be daily.

In Rome there will be the “Non una di meno” event whose aim is to involve schools, health, justice, work and social media in projects that help to spread a woman’s culture aimed to valorize and protect her.

Palazzo Montecitorio for the occasion will open its doors only for the women for the event “#InQuantoDonna”, proposed by Laura Boldrini. The Italian Navy will light its historical buildings and monuments with the orange colour to support this event.

In Milan, the new doll – wall will be inaugurated at the “Casa delle arti Alda Merini” in via Magolfa and the red bench in Sempione Park. Since yesterday evening until tomorrow on the Pirellone there will be the words “You are not alone”.

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I would conclude this article with the famous words attributed to William Shakespeare that we should always keep in mind:

For all the violence you consume about her,

for all the humiliations she has suffered,

for her body you have exploited,

for her intelligence that you have trampled on,

for ignorance in which you left her,

for the freedom you have denied,

for the mouth that you have taped her,

for the wings you have cut her off,

for all of this:

standing Gentlemen,

in front of a Woman!

Maria Domenica Depalo



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