What makes us happy?

What makes us happy?

Each of us aspires to happiness but if we had to define it in a unique and valid way for everyone, could we really consider us sufficiently satisfied by the definitions we find in the dictionaries?

Wikipedia defines happiness as “the positive mood of those who consider all their desires satisfied” (taken fromhttps://it.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Felicit%C3%A0).

The Treccani Encyclopedia, showing its meaning, attributes it to those who “are not troubled by pain or worry and enjoy this state” (from www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/felicita).

Garzanti states how happiness is the “state of those who are happy, those who feel satisfied with every desire, joy, complete satisfaction …” (taken from https://www.garzantilinguistica.it/ricerca/?q=felicit% C3% A0).

These definitions can actually give us an idea of ​​what happiness is and about its characteristics. But what makes us happy giving colour and flavor to our days?

After my father’s suggestion I read a very interesting article written by Concita de Gregorio, whose title is “List of little things that make me happy”. It gave me the possibility to reflect on what makes happy. Often little things give us happiness taking us  far from our darkness and sadness.

I would therefore like to propose to each of you to write your personal list of “little things that make you happy” and to comment on it together. You could tell about your dreams, about big and small desires, about what is able to awaken and keep our little personal spring oasis alive.

The list can be as long as you want. I would start with my own (written not in order of importance).

Good happiness!

Makes me happy:

  1. walk around feeling the scent of the sea
  2. speak in German
  3. prepare sweets
  4. stay with the people I love
  5. snoop
  6. to dream
  7. to sleep
  8. to watch “Montalbano”
  9. to travel
  10. learn

Maria Domenica Depalo



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