Hymn to the woman

Hymn to the woman

Against the screams of those who get excited for a male striptease believing that this is women emancipation, against those who believe that femininity consists in dominating me, here are the words of a great observer, Alda Merini, that gently but also with decision shows the beauty of being a woman.

A woman is a queen of the creatures, holder of dreams, fortune, forgiveness and grace. A woman is a creature but also a creator, a life and a sap that nourishes and gives often without receiving anything in return. A woman is a storm but also the calm on the horizon.

A woman is.

Hymn to the woman

immaculate luck
for you all creatures
of the kingdom
are open
and you became the queen
of our shadows
for you men
countless flights
created the beehive of the
for you woman has arisen
the murmur of the water
only grace
and tremble for yours
that are in your hands
and you have a dream
for every summer
a child for every cry
a suspicion of love
for each hair
now you are a woman
all a forgiveness
and as you live in it
the divine thought
it will flourish in secret
from your grace.

Alda Merini



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