Travel experiences

Travel experiences

Everyone of us has a place to visit and discover because every place, street or landscape is an expression of who we are and of our inner life.
In fact we could talk about a philosophy of travelling as a way to explore known and unknown spaces but especially ourselves.

It isn’t necessary to go too far or distant. You can move from your town to the nearest and make your travel: the one you need.

The contact with different people, cultures, languages, dresses and food could be read as an incredible instrument not only to  learn  more about what surrounds us but, at the same time, to evolve and  improve.

There are many ways to travel around the world but the first one is thanks to imagination.

Through it, we approach in a first, personal and unique way with people, colours, tastes and new places creating situations and moments we hope to realize.

What do you really see when you cross new roads or see new horizonts? What happens to your life?

Share with us your ideal travel or describe a place you visit often and know. If you want you can publish a photo.

I will publish the first.

Thank  you.

scorcio di Giovinazzo

Scorcio di Giovinazzo foto di ©MariaDomenicaDepalo


Maria Domenica Depalo


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