Philosophy lessons for children

Philosophy lessons for children

When we talk about philosophy, we often think of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle and imagine them while they are formulating questions, hypotheses or are elaborating theories and concepts. But who said that all this should be the prerogative of the great thinkers of the past? In everyone of us there is a philosopher, especially in the children.

Because of their curiosity and fantasy, kids make questions but they aren’t always satisfied with the first answer and so they try to go further.

This was probably the reason of “Philosophy 4 children”, a project born in Ireland and United Kingdom, whose aim is to enhance the critical skills of the small thinkers from seven years onwards.

Literature is rich in philosophers who have tried, through their own writings, to teach the little ones the art of reflection. Let’s remember the Italian author Luciano De Crescenzo who wrote“7 ideas for 7 philosophers”, where he handles “philosophical” arguments like love, friendship or others trying to envolve the young readers. But we have to remember also  Jostein Gaarder, a Norwegian writer, philosopher and thinker, author of “The world of Sofia”, which deals with the discovery of philosophy by the little Sofia.

In a humble way, with our lessons we want to offer a moment in order to reflect on themes like love, justice, death and future but not only. We would like to narrate and describe some moments of the history of philosophy, obviously using an appropriate style and language for our extraordinary little thinkers.

Are you ready to start?

Maria Domenica Depalo



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