Does destiny exist? Who or what does our life depend on?

Strongly linked to the future but unknowable, destiny or fate has fascinated everyone in its uncertainty and darkness since ancient times. It was represented by the three Moira in Greek mythology and by the Fates in the Roman one. Intent on weaving the life of men as if it were a thread, unwinding it without apparent logic and cutting it suddenly severing the life of each individual, they perfectly embodied the unpredictability of fate.

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However, not only mythology but also physics speak about the unpredictability and obscurity of destiny. Just think in this regard of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle which states that it is impossible to know the speed and the position of a particle at the same time.

“This principle establishes the impossibility for science to arrive at a complete knowledge of reality. The fact that it is not possible to determine in any way all the variables of a physical system means, in fact, that it is not possible to accurately establish its future evolution “. (quoted from “Destiny: the future is never written” by Rossana Rossi, in Airone, year XXXIII n ° 403, November 2014)

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Does it all depend on us? I believe that a lot of what we live depends on us and on our conscious and not random choices. We are not rag dolls at the mercy of some divinity who enjoys playing with our life and upsetting it. We can choose and the course of the events derives from our choices. Of course, faced with the multiplicity of options and variables in life, a constant question always remains: “What if I had done so instead of that way?”

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Unfortunately or fortunately we will never be able to have a satisfactory answer to this question. What remains is only the awareness that almost everything is in our hands. It is up to us to decide whether to continue undeterred or to change direction and face the consequences. Concluding the article, some questions spontaneously arise which I hope you will answer in the space dedicated to comments.

1. Are you satisfied with the course of our life and destiny right now or would you like to change it?

2. Are you willing to change it and commit yourself to it?

3.What are you willing to do?

If you are curious, click on the links:

“Destino: il futuro non è mai scritto (Destiny: the future is never written)” di Rossana Rossi, in Airone, anno XXXIII n°403, novembre 2014

Maria Domenica Depalo



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