Ability and duty to choose: Søren Kierkegaard

Ability and duty to choose: Søren Kierkegaard Little dear philosophers, Have you ever had to choose between two or more equally attractive proposals, or have you ever thought what it would have been like if you had made one decision rather than another? Making choices is part of our life: it gives us the opportunityContinua a leggere “Ability and duty to choose: Søren Kierkegaard”

Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle

Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle Welcome back little philosophers to our monthly space. Today we will start with two words that will guide our lesson: are you ready to start?The terms in question will be Philia and Neikos. The first word corresponds to Friendship while the second to Enmity. Empedocle used them in hisContinua a leggere “Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle”

Amicizia ed Inimicizia secondo Empedocle

Amicizia ed Inimicizia secondo Empedocle Bentornati piccoli filosofi allo spazio mensile dedicato a voi. Oggi partiremo da due parole che fungeranno da guida proprio per la nostra lezione: siete pronti? I termini in questione saranno Philia e Neikos. La prima parola corrisponde ad Amicizia mentre la seconda ad Inimicizia. Ad averle usate nelle proprie indaginiContinua a leggere “Amicizia ed Inimicizia secondo Empedocle”

Love according to Plato

Hello little thinkers and welcome back to our monthly appointment with the philosophical thought. Are you curious to discover the topic of February and to know the philosopher who will accompany us during our reflections? Good. So let’s start. What month are we in? February. And February is the month of… Yes, exactly. This isContinua a leggere “Love according to Plato”