Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle

Friendship and Enmity according to Empedocle

Welcome back little philosophers to our monthly space. Today we will start with two words that will guide our lesson: are you ready to start?
The terms in question will be Philia and Neikos. The first word corresponds to Friendship while the second to Enmity. Empedocle used them in his scientific and philosophical researches. Lived in the 5th century BC he was a philosopher, a doctor and a poet but above all he was an extremely curious man. Consider him a detective. Actually every philosopher should be considered this way.

Detective, Ricerca, Uomo, Ingrandimento, Inchiesta

According to Empedocle, Philia and Neikos are the reasons of the union or the disjunction of the four roots of our world, namely air, earth, water and fire. Even birth and death would be closely linked to those two causes.

But let us try to understand better. What happens when you argue? Everyone tries to prevail over the other. So, this is what happens to our two principles: when Philia prevails, the roots of our world come together creating the reality in which we live while when Neikos prevails the roots move away and the creative process ends.

However, just as we fight, we are looking for a balance, an agreement that is good for all parties so friendship and enmity also seek a balance that satisfies both of them. Because if one succumbs the other succumbs too, because they are closely linked to each other.

Albero, Fiori, Prato, Tronco D'Albero, Luce Del Sole

So, that’s all for now. See you next time, little wise kids.

Maria Domenica Depalo



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