Merry Christmas

Dear friends of philosophy,

a mistery, that is big but at the same time so simple and immediate, is shown in this day through the eyes of a little child: love.

This love is universal because it is for everyone of us it but also particular because each of us lives it and feels it in a very personal and different way from the others.

There are those who will spend this moment with the family, other ones with friends and other people alone. For someone it will be a wonderful day instead for others it will be a moment of hard confrontation with weaknesses and sadness.

This day seems particularly important to us because we would like to see all our most secret and intimate expectations and desires fulfilled in it. But it is not always so and we know it very well. So we live Christmas with our disappointments and sadness.

However, for those who believe in it, there is still a hope and it is given by the possibility that the birth, even if symbolic, of a child corresponds to our deeper rebirth.

So, Christmas is therefore a celebration of a birth but also a space for new opportunities and choices that we want to give to ourselves in the name of that love brought by that sacred child more than two thousand years ago and that we all deserve.

Merry Christmas to all

Maria Domenica Depalo




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