Destiny and Israel

Destiny and Israel

At the French border, in the attempt to escape hunger and desperation but above all illness, a young pregnant Nigerian woman has asked for help for herself but especially for her child. However, her request was not heard and she wasn’t accepted because she was a clandestine immigrant.

A cancer patient and pregnant, Destiny was rejected on the French border. She was not even brought to the hospital by the gendarmes. The hope and the possibility of a dream were denied.

She and her husband just wanted to get to France to start a new life with their baby but that wasn’t possible. The French authorities didn’t make it possible and therefore she remained in Italy where, taken to the hospital, she was operated to save the baby.

Israel was born but his mother who fought to the end died dreaming of a future that was denied.

Can the strict application of laws and rules supplant that humanity that should characterize and distinguish us as a species but above all as people?

Maria Domenica Depalo




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