The fantasy

The fantasy

Here we are again with our questions about ourselves and what surrounds us. Let’s start begining with a famous sentence pronounced by the French philosopher Descartes, one of the fathers of mathematics and modern philosophy: Cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am. This statement links our existence to the thought: our ability to conjecture and to doubt is the proof of our existence.

We think and therefore we exist. However, this thinking doesn’t coincide only with the ability to formulate thoughts and to structure logical and rational reasoning. Thought is also linked above all to imagination and fantasy.

Hence our question that should be considered as a starting point for a journey whose destination is fantasy. But I don’t want to anticipate anything.

Meanwhile, if you like, answer this question and look at the picture:

How important is fantasy for you?

La storia infinita

fonte: Di Johnny Freak – fotogramma, Copyrighted,

Maria Domenica Depalo


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