Panta rei, kids!

Panta rei, kids!

Dear little philosophers,

last week we talked about turtles and Zeno of Elea. Do you remember what he said? Like his master Parmenides, he said that the movement doesn’t exist but someone else declared something different. This someone was Heraclitus of Ephesus, the philosopher of the panta rei (panta rei means everything flows).

Let’s read one of his statements:

“You cannot descend twice in the same river …”. What does this sentences mean?

What does a river usually do?  Look at its water: it flows continuously. Everything flows and changes time after time, minute after minute, always.

We change too:

“I look at a picture of when I was 16 and I look at one today. God, how I changed! Then I ask myself: but when did it happen? At night? While I was sleeping? “(from “Panta rei” by L. De Crescenzo, ed. Mondadori)

No one and nothing remain the same. To confirm it, just look at ourselves: every day we are different from what we were yesterday.

Guys, changes shouldn’t scare us. In fact we must consider them richness and embrace them with joy because it can be the right opportunity to improve more and reborn. Let’s not waste our personal panta rei!

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