Siamo in ferie!!! (ita + eng version)

We will back soon!!!

Hi kids,

after a long year and many incredible moments shared with you, we go on holiday. But don’t worry: we will turn back in a while with news concerning the blog.

In the meantime, spend your time reading, playing with your friends, going to the sea,  watching tv or using your smartphone (but don’t exagerate!!!) but, mostly, observing who  and what surrounds you. Don’t forget to listen to your desires and to follow your dreams.

The philosopher Epicuro of Samo talked about two different types of desires: the necessary and the unnecessary. The first ones must be realized in order to save your wellness and health like to eat or drink. But what will happen if you don’t realize the unnecessary ones? An example of the second type could be travel abroad. What could you lose? Reflect about this. Never stop asking.

Happy Holidays, piccoli filosofi!!!

See you soon!!!

Maria Domenica Depalo

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