Medieval week in Trani

Medieval week in Trani

Dear friends of Sofia,

as promised we are back. You have certainly noticed some small changes starting from the name of the blog. Don’t worry: the spirit is the same…
Actually it has been enriched by an increasing curiosity which includes and involves our daily reality. I don’t want to add anything more because week after week we will discover the changes.

So let’s begin with a jump in the past!

If you love the stories of ladies and knights, then the medieval week of Trani is the right event for you. From 9 to 12 August the “borgo antico” (the ancient town) of this wonderful city in the province of Bari will be at the center of this extraordinary event, which you shouldn’t lose.

Educational workshops for children, guided tours in the historic center and at the Castello Svevo will be the protagonists of a historical review that – we are sure – will attract not only the local citizens but also all the curious of the surrounding realities.

The Middle Age wasn’t just the age of obscurantism, of regression or of the Inquisition. On the contrary: its thousand years of life have seen the birth of important inventions and agricultural tools such as the plow or the water mill but also the clock without forgetting the miniatures of the amanuensis monks.

Even the history of thought has evolved. Just think of the patristic (Sant’Agostino), the Arabic philosophy (Averroes) and the scholasticism whose founding father was Anselmo d’Aosta, a Benedictine friar known for his demonstration of God existence.

Returning to the medieval week, it will be possible to participate in numerous initiatives that will allow adults and especially children to breathe the air and the climate of this era.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit an unusual  medieval and Romanesque Trani but also to tread the streets of its historic center and to meet ladies, nobles and knights in their clothes.


Maria Domenica Depalo



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