Writer’s block

Writer’s block

Writing: a passion but also a need. Through written words we can talk about what surrounds us but also about our ideas and our most intimate thoughts. Writing is one of the best way we have to express ourselves, our fears and our desires.

The art of writing for someone is also a real job and therefore when “no” moments happen, such as the writer’s infamous block, panic also takes over.


Don’t worry: the block can happen, for a lack of inspiration or for a lack of ideas. But how can we deal with this moment of “horror vacui”? Easy: following some simple tips. Are you ready?

  1. A state of mind charachterized by a mind free of negativity and anxieties is the ideal condition for a correct approach to the white sheet. So try to live peacefully and take an ascetic attitude. 
  2. Go out, walk, observe and listen. Let the scents, smells and sounds envelop you. Listening to the sounds of the people walking in the streets and markets and watching natural and human will inspire you in a fair way.
  3. Give yourself time. You’re not robots or machines to program. Writing comes from the mind but originates mainly from the heart. And the heart has no time to respect.
  4. Let the enthusiasm for everything guide you. Writing something that does not excite the author first of all can only be counterproductive to the purposes of the paper.
  5. Read, read and read. Get passionate about all possible and imaginable books. Do you like Japanese manga? Read them. Are you a fan of science fiction? Immerge yourself in the Star Trek saga. Are you an incurable romantic person? Jane Austen is waiting for you.
Photo by Ann Nekr on Pexels.com

Writing is the attitude to express yourself, what you live but also what you want to share. That is why, in order to devote one’s voice to writing, it is essential to prepare one’s person for a status of openness and acceptance of everything that can be grasped.

When you then feel that the right time has come, write.

foto realizzata da Maria Domenica Depalo photoby©MariaDomenicaDepalo


Maria Domenica Depalo



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