Imagination, fantasy and comics

Imagination, fantasy and comics

Dear philosophers,

our journey to understand the numerous manifestations of fantasy and imagination continues. But what is imagination precisely? According to Aristotle, imagination is a typical characteristic connected to the sensations: the senses in fact are important when we imagine. However, we aren’t limited by them: our mind can “create” starting from the reality that surrounds us and perceives through the senses but can also “create” ex novo, giving life to fantastic worlds, dimensions and creations.

gem lauris

fonte: Photo by Gem & Lauris RK on Unsplash

So our attention goes to the world of comics and in particular to the “Torino Comics” held at the Lingotto Fiere in Turin and just concluded. Superheroes, characters, cosplay and so on were in this festival of creativity, imagination and fantasy.

Three days of comics but not only: workshops dedicated to graphic design, moments of reflection on sensitive topics such as discrimination and diversity and their representation, Manga workshops, photographs, art studies and even “Fantasy portrait of fantastic races “with Andrea Bertone. Really for all tastes and passions!

The 24th edition of the festival saw the participation of more than 56,000 people: simple curious but also passionate, everyone was part of a reality certainly very different from the daily one. Just let’s think of the cosplayers who, on their own or in pairs, have taken part to the International Cosplay League.

But why do you think these events are so successful? I believe that the reason is the possibility to leave  your own reality, even only for a few moment. On your opinion, what is essentially the reason for taking refuge in the imagination and fantasy?



Maria Domenica Depalo


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