Parole su carta:…che Dio perdona a tutti

Parole su carta:…che Dio perdona a tutti

Pif has been a beautiful and pleasant discovery. I knew about him and his “Caro Marziano” on RaiTre, the film “La mafia uccide solo d’estate” and his work with “Le Iene” on ItaliaUno.

Discovering him as a writer was an extraordinary revelation. With a funny but never banal story, it led me to rethink some aspects of my life that I have put aside for too long, forgetting them or pretending they never existed.

“… Dio perdona a tutti” is the story of Arturo, an estate agent whose life is similar to many others but with a great passion: sweets and candies. He has no particular vices apart from stopping in front of the shop windows of pastry shops and trying to start speeches (mostly monologues) on the techniques to make “sciù” and pastries with “ricotta” in the most correct way.

His life seems to run smoothly at least until he meets Flora, a beautiful pastry chef, with whom he falls madly in love and for whom he decides to take the big step, even if only for three weeks … No, no. I’m not talking about that big step but about another one: living as a true Catholic. You will see some good ones but I don’t want to add more than necessary.

The language flows quickly, the images follow one another in an alternation between sweets, soccer games, apartments and sprightly elderly. What emerges is the depth of a thought that highlights a double moral that belongs to all of us, some more and some less.

But I don’t want to add anything else. If you want, read it and let me know what you think.

See you soon, until the next book.

Maria Domenica Depalo


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