Kindness and delicacy

Kindness and delicacy In a world where the beauty of the whisper is a rarity, the story of “Girl” appears as a silent melody. Intense and dramatic this film, written and directed by Lukas Dhont, awarded at the last Cannes Film Festival, is the delicate and refined narration of the story of a boy whoContinua a leggere “Kindness and delicacy”

New course of questions: the empathy

New course of questions: the empathy Dear readers of Sofia, after a period of observation and careful reflection, our section “Questions” is back. Today we will reflect about empathy, the ability to feel what the other feels. The word “empathy” derives from the Greek “en + pathos”, in pain. Thanks to it, we have theContinua a leggere “New course of questions: the empathy”

Shopping mon amour

Shopping mon amour It could be strange, but even if this is a philosophical and cultural blog, the author (me!) loves shopping. So enjoy my photos and share yours if you want. 🙂 Probably I will talk about the philosophy of shopping soon. In the meanwhile answer these questions: do you like shopping? Why andContinua a leggere “Shopping mon amour”

The beauty of the numbers: the course of the clouds

The beauty of the numbers: the course of the clouds Dear little friends of Sofia, Do you like numbers? What is your relationship with calculations, problems, theorems and formulas? I mean, do you love math? Even if I graduated in philosophy, I love this discipline. Moving through numbers, letters, monomials and polynomials by looking forContinua a leggere “The beauty of the numbers: the course of the clouds”

Welcome back September

Welcome back September This morning I was listening to the radio when I noticed the notes of “September morning” by Neil Diamond. Strange but probably not so strange if we consider that the month of September has just begun. Summer days have flown so quickly that it seems surreal we are turning back to theContinua a leggere “Welcome back September”

Giovinazzo: corteo storico e processione (Ita + Eng)

Giovinazzo: corteo storico e processione (Ita + Eng) Amici di Sofia, ecco alcune immagini e video del Corteo storico di Giovinazzo del 18 agosto 2018 giunto ormai alla sua 51esima edizione e della processione in onore della Madonna di Corsignano, la patrona di Giovinazzo. Il folclore, la tradizione e la gioia festante hanno caratterizzato questoContinua a leggere “Giovinazzo: corteo storico e processione (Ita + Eng)”

Have you ever been in Giovinazzo?

Have you ever been in Giovinazzo? Dear friends of Sofia, today we will talk about a place where sun, sea and traditions combine to give birth to a dimension in which dreams and reality become an unique world. We speak about Giovinazzo: marvellous city in the province of Bari, surrounded by the sea, here youContinua a leggere “Have you ever been in Giovinazzo?”

Medieval week in Trani

Medieval week in Trani Dear friends of Sofia, as promised we are back. You have certainly noticed some small changes starting from the name of the blog. Don’t worry: the spirit is the same… Actually it has been enriched by an increasing curiosity which includes and involves our daily reality. I don’t want to addContinua a leggere “Medieval week in Trani”

Siamo in ferie!!! (ita + eng version)

Siamo in ferie!!! (ita + eng version) Care piccole filosofe e cari piccoli filosofi, oggi parleremo di noi e di ciò che ci fa stare bene. Presi dal vortice dei nostri mille impegni quotidiani, spesso infatti ci dimentichiamo di noi stessi. Urge pertanto staccare per rigenerarci e scoprire o riscoprire i nostri desideri. Ma cos’èContinua a leggere “Siamo in ferie!!! (ita + eng version)”

Festival del libro-Book festival

Festival del libro-Book festival Dear little philosophers, are you ready for an unusual lesson? We won’t talk about an ancient or modern philosopher but about an event concerning the books: the Salento Book Festival. There are a lot of moments you can enjoy and you have time until July 22nd. You’ll know important personalities ofContinua a leggere “Festival del libro-Book festival”