The review of the month: “Festa di famiglia”

The review of the month: “Festa di famiglia”

“Always feel free to make your choices. So, if you make a mistake, the fault will be yours and no one else’s. “

Why are we starting the review with this sentence? Simply because I believe that it can express the authentic and deep meaning that lies behind the events described in the book. Events that belong to its characters but actually concern all of us.

“Festa di famiglia”is the story of a great friendship between women, of a bond that goes beyond the biological one and that perhaps for that reason is more precious because it is the result of a choice.

Andreina, Carlotta, Flora and Maria Sole meet every Thursday in the dining room of a restaurant in Milan, a city that is the background of their lives.

"Festa di famiglia" photo by ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

“Festa di famiglia” photo by ©MariaDomenicaDepalo

During their weekly meeting they can show themselves without hesitation. There is someone who is a successful lawyer, someone who is a loving wife and mother, someone who lives a love story and who is the head of a company. Apparently everything seems perfect but the surprises are just around the corner, ready to be lived.

I mention only two: an unexpected pregnancy and a separation. They are linked to the awareness of the authentic and original reason of one’s existence and to the need for authentic change. To give a new and different meaning to life.

Enjoy the reading!

Maria Domenica Depalo


3 pensieri su “The review of the month: “Festa di famiglia”

  1. Lettura scorrevolissima, una trama che ricorda un poco le amiche e i problemi di Sex & The City. È il primo libro che leggo di Sveva Casati Modignani e scopro uno stile leggero, facile da seguire, una capacità di raccontare senza rendere pesanti né le descrizioni né le situazioni, anche quelle a risvolto triste. Per un pomeriggio di svago mentale e rilassamento generale, è perfetto.

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